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things to do in Maui
Maui fun things to do
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Looking for fun things to do on Maui?

Maui Island Activities - Lots of fun in the Maui sun!

Maui is a popular travel destination with warm golden sunshine, soft sandy beaches and endless options of activities. Maui has a very accommodating environment making it one of the best spots in the world for ocean and forest activities. So, are you looking for fun things to do while on your Maui vacation? Fill your stay with fun activities from Maui Island Activities.

With Maui Island Activities, you’ll benefit from years of experience providing professional and fun activities for the whole family. We host a variety of fun activities, being one of the most comprehensive Maui activities providers. This means we have all the best equipment, staff and ability to take good care of your Maui Fun. From Kapalua to Makena, we’re always close by.

We offer kayaking and snorkeling activities, surfing lessons, stand-up paddling, SCUBA diving, hiking, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. As you can see, we offer a wide variety of Maui activities and great family fun. Our activities are all family friendly and available to all ages and ability levels. Lots of Maui fun things to do with Maui Island Activities. So, take a little time and browse our activities. We welcome any questions you have (see our FAQ’s as they are pretty comprehensive). Feel free to contact us here at (808) 270-1944 or email us at